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A Tool That Allows You to Mimic Professional Trades?


Since Bitcoin was made after the 2008 economic bubble, it is true that it changed the way people transact. For proponents of blockchain technology, it became possible to transact without the use of a third party. And because of its disruptive nature, many became interested even those who didn’t understand the concept of blockchain technology.

But one problem present in the crypto world is the volatility of digital currencies. In fact, you can lose half the value of what you invested the next day or even double the money that you have invested depending on the news and speculation. Given the regulatory changes that happened in the crypto world, it seems risky to put all your funds into a specific cryptocurrency.

So what if you can minimize the risk by having an ecosystem wherein you can copy the trading decisions of professionals?

Tradelize provides “sophisticated digital tools” that gather and analyze data quickly from different sources. Tradelize announced that it came up with a software that is divided into different layers. This enables the users with different levels of experience in trading to find a service that meets their understanding of the current crypto space.

The terminal has “familiar interface” that gives the pros the ability to have a sense of the market. In addition to this, more than a dozen crypto exchanges have been connected. There are also risk management settings that are incorporated into different types of users including both corporate users and individual users. This makes it possible to trade cryptos in a less precarious way and making it similar to how mutual funds, pension funds, and trusts operate.

Currently on Beta Mode

This software is already in its beta mode. What it aims to do is to provide an environment where crypto investors could actually hone their trading skills and mimic what the professionals are doing. It can also provide a space for those who are curious about crypto trading to learn more about the process with reduced risk.

Once everything is up and running, the goal is to provide professional traders a fund of up to half a million dollars in order to manage. They would then receive a commission from their service based on the earnings made by beginners by copying their trade.

According to Anton Zapolskyi, Tradelize’s CEO and founder, “Today we are witnessing how breathtaking the opportunities for generating revenue from cryptocurrency trade are”. He added that “One of our major goals is to create a perfect ecosystem for the best professional trades, but our platform caters to everyone from seasoned professionals to first-time novice investors. We believe that Tradelize will play a key role in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency across the board”.

Not a 100{4ede17fdd9b4ce8121d01fc4b54913fe84f8215aace504cc657695cefb5329ff} Risk-Free Option

Is this a risk-free option? In reality, you have to consider the fact that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. It is simply based on speculations. To give you an idea just how volatile the market is, Bitcoin lost half of its value in a matter of a few months. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies had a good run in April, Bitcoin is still trading below $10,000 currently.

Is Warren Buffet correct after all saying that Bitcoin isn’t exactly investing but rather gambling? Or perhaps, hodling is still a good strategy considering that the crypto market is still quite young today?

Janneke Eriksen

Janneke is a writing ninja and has vast experience in journalism, specifically in the crypto space. As a blockchain believer and avid Bitcoin fan, she’s incredibly excited to share to our readers the latest news around so they are always updated wherever they are.