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BTC Wallets of Russian Spies Exposed by a Hacker

BTC Wallets of Russian Spies Exposed by a Hacker

An unidentified hacker has reportedly exposed a number of Bitcoin (BTC) wallets allegedly belonging to members of Russian spy agencies. According to cryptocurrency tracing firm Chainalysis, the hacker used exposed crypto wallets controlled by the Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor of the infamous KGB.

A total of 986 wallets were pinpointed by the hacker, including not only those allegedly controlled by the members of FSB, but also those belonging to the staff of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) and the Foreign Military Intelligence Agency (GRU).

In a message published on social media, the anonymous hacker put up a theory that those wallets have been used for hacking activities by Russian spies.

Chainalysis Says There Might Be Truth in These Allegations  

Chainalysis was the first one to report on this and according to the company, there might be some truth in the hacker’s allegations. The fact is that the hacker really managed to take control of some of the crypto wallets they claim to be owned by Russian security agencies. Whether they did it through hacking or via internal breach still remains a mystery.

According to people from Chainalysis, at least three of the wallets exposed by the anonymous hacker had previously been associated with Russia by third parties. Two of those were reportedly used to finance the Solarwinds attack in late 2020, while the third one was said to be used during Russia’s election disinformation campaign in 2016.

The company also pointed out that the hacker seems serious about their work in exposing Russia’s spies, the evidence being that they’ve already spent roughly $300,000 on the project.

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