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Megadeath Launches $MEGA Coin, Joins a Long List of Crypto-Loving Artists

American heavy metal band jumped on the crypto bandwagon by launching its official digital coin. The cryptocurrency in question is Megadeath Coin ($MEGA). The band announced the news on social media recently, even though the coin has been launched two months ago.

When it launched, the coin was trading at around $0.5, but in the first couple of weeks, its price went up, almost reaching the one-dollar milestone. At the moment of writing, the price of one $MEGA coin is $0.413.

Megadeath Coin ($MEGA) in a Nutshell

Developed by, the coin is meant primarily for the fans of Dave Mustaine’s band. Founded more than three decades ago, Megadeath is one of the biggest names in the world of heavy metal, with over 38 million albums sold around the globe.

By getting ahold of Megadeath Coins, the fans will be able to get access to exclusive stuff produced by the band. As reported by Loudwire, apart from enabling the fans to connect with the band, the coin doesn’t have too many other purposes. At the moment, it’s not possible to use $MEGA as a way to make crypto transactions.

Other R’n’R Cryptocurrencies

Megadeath is far from being the only band that has ventured into the crypto business. Previously, we saw rock’n’roll band Kings of Leon releasing their entire album ‘When You See Yourself’ in the form of crypto.

The album is actually designed to function as an NFT (non-fungible token), which would allow the fans to use it as a currency within its ecosystem. Those with the Kings of Leon tokens are able to use them to buy merch, concert tickets, and so on.

Apart from rockers, a number of hip-hop artists have also fallen in love with cryptos. Two months ago, for instance, we saw Ghostface Killah – a member of the legendary Woo-Tang Clan – launch his own digital currency.

Named Cream Capital in honor of his band’s iconic song C.R.E.A.M., is no longer on public sale, but when it was, its price was one dollar.

Still, probably the most ambitious crypto project is the one that Grammy-winning singer Akon has been pushing. His plan is to build a city in Africa that would have a crypto-based economy. All the money transactions in the city would be carried out via cryptocurrency named in his honor – Akoin.

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