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New England Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones Gifts Bitcoin to His Teammates

Quarterbacks gifting presents to the offensive linemen – the players who protect him from the opposition – has been an NFL tradition for ages. The rookie quarterback for the New England Patriots Mac Jones has decided to continue the tradition, but with a twist. Instead of giving them traditional presents, Jones has decided to gift his teammates some Bitcoin.

By doing that, he became the first quarterback to give cryptos as a part of a ritual that’s been around for decades. In the past, we’ve seen quarterbacks gifting their colleagues lucrative gifts like paintings, clothes, and similar.

For example, his predecessor in the QB position at New England, legendary Tom Brady, splashed a lot of money on presents for his last Christmas as the New England signal-caller. Brady gifted the Pats’ offensive linemen presents like Canada Goose winter jackets, iPads, watches, and other valuable items.

Jones’ Love for Bitcoin

Mac Jones and his teammates from the New England offensive line are now proud owners of Bitcoin. Thanks to Jones, they’re now among 46 million Americans who own cryptocurrency.  

“I’ve been studying Bitcoin for a while now. This year I just knew I had to give some Bitcoin to my teammates,”

Jones said.

To turn his idea into reality, Jones asked help from his fellow Alabama Alumni David Bailey, who’s currently employed as the CEO of Bitcoin Magazine. He and his team were able to help Jones with his Christmas plans.

Thanks to Bailey’s input, the presents don’t only include BTC but also subscriptions to Bitcoin Magazine, as well as tickets to the Bitcoin 2022 conference, which is expected to be the biggest cryptocurrency event in the world.

Bitcoin Enters the Football Universe

Mac Jones became the first quarterback to gift Bitcoin to his teammates, but he’s far from being the first NFL player to fall in love with cryptos. Long before he did it, we saw a number of players asking their teams to get paid (at least partially) in BTC. Some of those guys include Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Odell Beckham Jr., and so on.

NFL players and fans are likely to get even more involved in the world of cryptos in 2022. The reason is that several crypto businesses have decided to enter the mainstream in probably the best way possible – through Super Bowl ads.

The story goes that cryptocurrency exchange platforms and FTX have purchased ads for Super Bowl LVI, which is traditionally the most-watched sports event in the United States.

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