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Donate Your Computing Power to UNICEF


Cryptocurrency has changed a lot of things for us. In fact, UNICEF found another use for cryptocurrencies. UNICEF wants you to donate to its Australian branch without spending anything. Instead, all you have to do is to take part of their mining efforts and contribute your computer’s computing power to mine cryptocurrencies.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Once you open the hopepage, your computer’s processor will be used in order to solve crypto algorithms. The good thing is that you can choose by how much of your computer’s processing power can be donated for this task. The more computing power that you contribute, the more cryptocurrencies that you donate to UNICEF. Another method to donate more cryptocurrencies is to open your browser longer.

According to UNICEF, “Mining is perfectly safe for your computer. If you’re ever worried about power consumption, turn down the amount of processing power you’re donating”. There were over 5,180 people that have donated via the website. The maximum amount of computing power that you can provide is 80{4ede17fdd9b4ce8121d01fc4b54913fe84f8215aace504cc657695cefb5329ff}. However, it is imperative that the percentage isn’t too high.

Once the user starts clicking on Start Donating, a pop up browser then appears. that asks if you wish to provide some of your computing power.  There are no downloads that are necessary and the notification mentioned that it is powered by Coinhive’s Javascript-based mining tool.

Coinhive Mining Tool

Coinhive mining tool used by UNICEF is the very same tool that has been used by Salon as part of its experiment in generating ad revenue. It is also the same tool that is used by Showtime websites for some time.

The tool mines Monero, a cryptocurrency that has been known for its privacy. Though Monero isn’t as popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum and can’t be readily used, it can easily be turned into fiat currency.

The page where you can donate your computing power will also show you your hash rate. Hash rate pertains to the speed which you are mining cryptocurrencies. It isn’t surprising if you see your battery draining quite fast if you are going to use your laptop. Of course, you need to be careful not to donate too much of your computing power because it can easily add to your processor’s wear and tear.

Unique Way to Donate

It is a creative way to get people to donate. Could this mean that more organizations are going to use this method in order to generate funds? In fact, this is already the second time that UNICEF turned to blockchain technology. Just last February, UNICEF launched the site that asked visitors to mine Etehreum in exchange of helping Syrian children. Unfortunately, the efforts weren’t as successful as they expected as it was only able to raise around $1200 during the months that they were running the campaign.

It is possible that this can become a trend for non-profit organizations to make use of cryptocurrencies in order to get people to donate to their cause. It can even be a better alternative considering that people don’t have to shell out cash out of their pocket.

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