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Is TRON the Next Big Thing?


Most people would most likely choose Bitcoin considering that it is the most popular cryptocurrency on the market today. But if you are entering the market today, Bitcoin may not be the best option if you are simply after profits.

If you are investing in digital currencies in order to generate profits, you might as well look at altcoins as well. And recently, TRON has been getting the attention of many crypto investors. And now, Ethereum has all the reasons to be threatened by TRON. Ethereum could add TRON to its list of problems aside from regulatory concerns now that TRON is about to launch their Virtual Machine.

Virtual Machine

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, tweeted earlier in May that TRON is due to launch a Virtual Machine called TronVM by May 25. This machine will enable compatibility of TRON with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. In fact, the countdown timer on their website has taken so much attention lately.

With a market cap of $5.2 billion and ranking at number 9, things are looking up for the cryptocurrency. TRON believes that changes in their system will build their credibility. TRON network is already known for its improved TPS system better than that of Bitcoin and Ethereum. And with the launch of mainnet, it is said to bring about $1 million in contribution.

This update will enable the decentralized applications that were built on Ethereum’s blockchain to transfer to TRON’s network. And hopefully, if things work out well, this will make TRON jump from its current spot at number 9 to number 6 in the list of top cryptocurrencies.

Solid Team

The team was able to also connect programmers. They were able to bring in people such as Marius Gill who is a German open-source wallet and DApp developer. Also, you have Sean Liu who worked as Data Engineer for Gridsum. Both guys worked with TRON in order to plan the network’s technical efficiency development via PROJECT GENESIS. Gill is currently working on an iOS technology.

Marius Gill mentioned that “The chance of award is less significant to me than getting involved sharing experiences with peers in the TRON community so that I get more time for test and optimization. To get it better. That’s why I made it open-source early”.

TRON is also known for being ahead of its time by introducing next-generation infrastructures when it introduced smart contracts.

There will also be a TRON Super Representative election that will be held by June 26. This is after the installation and migration of tokens. The election will decide on picking 27 deserving candidates that will be in charge of regularly maintaining the network. They will also receive rewards for participating and contributing to the TRON community.

A Bullish Future?

There is a chance that TRON is going to experience a bullish future for TRON. Could this be a sign of things to come? Considering the updates made by TRON, we are going to find out in the coming weeks if their projection is right all along. Could TRON be on its higher in the totem pole of cryptocurrencies and even compete against Ethereum? It is possible to see the rise of TRON going even all the way to $0.10 if things play out according to plan. But of course, just like anything in the crypto world, nothing is actually certain at this point.

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