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Crypto Companies Shine in LinkedIn’s Top US Startups List


After compiling billions of actions generated by its 575 million users and analyzing four fundamental pillars – jobseeker interest, employee growth, member engagement with the candidate company and its employees, as well as the level of startup engagement with the companies on the LinkedIn Top Companies list – LinkedIn has released this year’s list of 50 of the most sought-after startups in the United States.

Though interspersed between the expected ilk of general tech and software startup companies, cryptocurrency and blockchain-based companies have shown their might by earning their place among their mainstream industry peers.

Coinbase came in third behind Lyft and low-calorie ice-cream company Halo Top Creamery respectively. LinkedIn’s list highlighted the six-year-old digital currency wallet and vendor’s 20 million accounts which is double what Charles Schwab, one of its competitors, has on its books. Coinbase was followed by financial services company Robinhood at number six, and cross-border payments provider and tech company Ripple at number seven.

“Finance, modernized: Sending money between banks, across borders, remains stubbornly antiquated. Ripple uses blockchain technology to transform what had been a multi-day process into one completed in seconds. The 6-year-old startup now has more than 100 customers, including massive banks such as Santander and Standard Chartered; it added two new customers a week last quarter,” the LinkedIn list explained.

The 6-year-old Ripple is already creating a lot of buzz with its growing number of business partners. The most recent of these partnerships will be with Brazil’s BeeTech company – Ripple will use the company’s blockchain technology to ease cross-border funds transfer. With Ripple’s support, BeeTech will be able to facilitate instant fund transfer between Brazil and the rest of the world.

“We’re thrilled to partner with BeeTech. Ripple supports them with payments infrastructure that enables them to roll out new products, offering same-day transfers out of Brazil,” Ripple wrote in a recent tweet.

Is an XRP Price Surge on the Way?

The new development raises the prospects of a surge in the price of Ripple’s XRP as the company’s customer base expands – it currently serves 100 customers worldwide. This was achieved by adding around 2 new entities to its customer list every week. Some of these customers include huge and popular banks such as Santander and Standard Chartered.

XRP is Ripple’s real-time gross settlement system, a remittance network and a means of currency exchange which is currently the third largest in the world. The technologies underlying the XRP ledger will create a pathway for the institutions, banks and even governments to significantly increase the nature of their transactions.

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