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XRP’s Intrinsic Value Is at $1.75


Just a few months ago, Ripple has been making the news. It was able to momentarily overtake Ethereum in second place on two occasions. In addition to this, adoption of Ripple product xRapid has been gaining headlines. The goal of Ripple is to bring the cost of cross-border transactions.

According to a recent report made by Lennard Neo Picolo Research, the intrinsic value of XRP token is at $1.75. This could mean that XRP could be a good purchase among altcoins. Along with this statement, a summary of the third quarter performance of XRP was made along with a comparison between XRP, Swift and PayPal. Also, XRP has been compared with other blockchain projects such as Stellar and OmiseGO.

Swift and PayPal?

It is quite true that Ripple is going up against Swift and PayPal at this moment in the traditional payment industry. Why would people switch in favor of Ripple? On the other hand, you have the likes of OmiseGo and Stellar that are competing with Ripple in the blockchain world.

Ripple has proven itself to be faster than Swift and PayPal. For Ripple, it only takes a few seconds to transfer payment. On the other hand, it may take hours or sometimes days to transfer via Swift system. In terms of the cost of transactions, Ripple only has a $0.0004 cents transaction fee while Swift transactions are at least $2.5.

Adoption is another thing that makes XRP such a good option now if you are planning to invest. It has tied up with banks such as Santander and is even working with Western Union. However, Ripple is just in its early stages. If you will compare it with Swift, it already has 11,000 financial companies working in its platform. As for Ripple, it already has around 100 companies that are using its services.

Concerns of Centralization

But the research has also pointed out some weaknesses to Ripple. It has pointed out that it is not good that Ripple and XRP are considered to be one thing. In the past months, Ripple has dealt with different lawsuits claiming that XRP is a security. It is also believed that it is due to the lawsuits that only Bitcoin and Ethereum were named by the US Securities and Exchange Commission as commodities.

According to the research: “Concerns of XRP being centralized as Ripple owns 60% of total tokens. Lack of clarity on the classification of XRP being security or not Ripple’s ongoing lawsuits could create headwinds”.

The finale of the document explained that the intrinsic value for XRP is at $1.75. It also explained that XRP is one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market today considering how it expands towards the financial industry. Now that XRP is trading close to $0.46, will XRP’s value go up? The market capitalization for XRP today is at $18.44 billion. If the assessment is correct, XRP is bound to jump by around 280%.

It is true that Ripple dealing with lawsuits is not a good thing. However, it seems that Ripple is doing what it can to move towards the right direction. It continues to hire the right people and work towards adoption to solve cross-border transactions.

John Jayme

John is a crypto investor, enthusiast and copywriter. He is in charge of daily news and other emerging trends in blockchain technology.